Apostle Dr. Faith Walters, Th.D. is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women & Men of Excellence Outreach Ministries of Mount Vernon, NY.

In 1997, Apostle Faith received a revelation from the Lord to begin a ministry that would empower individuals for success in the kingdom of God. Many who experienced emotional, mental, physical, sexual, financial, substance and spiritual abuse. In addition, many who have had difficulty with low self-esteem, insecurity, self-confidence, self-control, and sex addictions. My misery became my ministry. However, was hesitant to go forth! The Lord impressed on her to do so. Therefore, in 2006, she was obedient to the call and began the ministry which is now in its 13th year. She has experienced great, physical challenges, but continues to persevere.

Apostle Faith hosts an annual Celebration of Worship under the tent, community events and fundraiser prayer breakfast/banquets at The Radisson Hotel. She reaches out to the poor, bereaved and others who need a healing or encouragement and empowerment seminars to enrich the lives of people.

Apostle Faith attended The Life Center International Ministries in Brooklyn, New York under the direction of Apostle R. L. Jackson who has been an inspiration in her life. It was through this ministry that this seed was birthed in her. Summer of 2008, she served has co-host of Lifestyle Gospel Radio which aired on 94.3 FM Saturdays, 7:00am – 9:00am entitled “Destined for Purpose”.

May 2009 she was a featured guest for Faith, Hope & Charity Ministries, Yorktown Heights, NY a television series birthed out of the untimely passing of a young man (Doug E. Williams) who tragically died in Mount Vernon.

February 2010, she was elevated to Apostleship and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate & Master’s Degree in Theology & Divinity from the Five Fold School of Theology, Albuquerque, NM.

February of 2011, she is a published author of poetry entitled, “Poems about My Self-Esteem” which was inspired by teaching students with special needs & is available online and your local bookstores.

Apostle Faith’s goals are to minister to women and men in churches, shelters, prisons, hospitals, streets and wherever the Lord will lead. Also, to obtain a building to provide shelter for families, The Worship Center, offer hope to senior citizens in nursing homes, provide support to individuals overseas, counseling, weekly ongoing discussion groups for young people ages 16 & up and bi-weekly discussion groups for women/men who experienced separation/ divorce. In addition, a Vocational Training School/ School of Culinary Arts for boys & girls. In June 2014, she officially launched “The Excel Project Vocational Training Center.”

December 2015, she launched her first CD inspired by the Holy Spirit entitled, “A Spiritual Erotic Expression of Love” to bring full awareness to the body of Christ to embrace God’s unique creation of men and women in marriages.

May 2020, she will be launching her new book “Reborn” a memoir which chronicles her journey from despair to fulfilling God’s purpose in her life.

Apostle Faith holds an Associate of Science degree in General Business Administration from Mercy College and a Bachelors & Master’s Degree in Education from The City College of New York. May 2018, she received her second Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Nyack College. Also, December 2018 received a Certified Chaplaincy Diploma from CICA International, Queens, NY. March 2019 she officially retired as a Special Education teacher with over 20 years of service for the NYC Department of Education.

Apostle Faith continues to adhere to the call of God on her life and stir people to a greater awareness of our Most High God. Her best is still yet to come! She is the proud mother of three (3) adult children Dante, Welton, Jr. and Melissa Hyatt and resides in the City of Mount Vernon, NY.